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  • 5-Star rating from over 90% of client reviews.
  • John came to Napa and did a combined dog training lesson with my sister and I. He was very good with the dogs and got her crazy 6-month old puppy to learn to lay down within minute. I will be recommending him to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

    Katy K., Napa

  • Great first day experience. John was thorough, knowledgeable and took the time to talk to us and explain everything. Good teacher :) Glad we decided to get a trainer that is caring and will help us with our dogs.

    Laurence T.

  • I can really see a change just in my dog's demeanor and attitude during these exercises. It’s kind of amazing.

    Stephanie M., Palo Alto

  • John was on time. Considerate of each family member and gave us very thoughtful explanations and training for both us and our dog.

    Mark U.

  • I have had three dogs over the past 40 years, all with professional trainers, and John is the best trainer I ever had. He responds on the same day that I call or e-mail him. I’d love you to see my labradoodle John helped me train, he is a wonderful dog now!

    Sanford G. , San Francisco

  • John Vinton deeply knows dogs and their nature and seems to have an innate ability to communicate with them, knowing how they think and what they are thinking, and most importantly, how to get them to do what you want! He has an affinity and connection with canines that is both uncanny and compelling. I highly recommend him.

    John P., Los Altos

  • John’s great training helped me and my dog Allie exceed our goals. Recently, I met a friend at the mall who was with me the night I adopted my very nervous Allie. She asked me how Allie was doing and I said, “Let me show you.” I put Allie about 20 feet away from our outdoor table and took off her leash. I asked Allie to sit, down, and stay. I proceeded to walk away from Allie and go back to my table. People were walking by Allie and there were a lot of distractions. She never moved. She stayed focused on me and when I said “break” she came directly to me. SUCCESS! VICTORY!

    Sandra S.

  • John, let me tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you. I didn’t tell you the other day, but I spoke to several other people who do dog training and they seemed very professional but you sounded very professional and warm. Your voice sold me! When I met you, I knew that I had made the right decision. Your kind manner, sense of humor and down to earth presence was exactly what I was looking for and found in you! We look forward to seeing you again. Just to let you know, my little Ruby is back in in full energy. The night after you left was the first time she ate in a week! You are magic.

    Mimi B., Los Gatos

  • John worked with us and our Scottish terrier to overcome a serious issue with crazy, outrageous behavior and barking at other dogs. A Better Dog Trainer has a very well thought out and executed training program that included multiple visits to our home and walks with our dog in our neighborhood so John could see exactly what was happening. John’s methods are kind and gentle to both dog and owner and I rate them highly effective. I am amazed that this is the same little terror that was ruling my household last summer! Thanks again for all of your help. This has been an amazing process, I’ve learned so much and my dogs are now the dogs I’ve always dreamed of owning.

    Jen E., San Francisco

  • Hi John, my dog and I just finished our morning exercises. Omg, I’m thrilled. She did excellent (I did okay). We only had to do a couple turn-arounds. Slack leash. Heeled nicely. I took one step, stopped. Two steps, stopped, etc. She stayed right with me. I imagine after sticking with the routine awhile, I’m going to have more than I expected. Also, she totally ignored bike riders that were heading right at us. I’m ecstatic!