• Dog Obedience Training

  • A pound of prevention and a pound of cure.

    At A Better Dog Trainer we work at a higher level of obedience training than a lot of the “treat training” programs out there today. Our dog training program begins with identifying what you want to accomplish, customizing our training program to fit your dog and educating you on how to gain a respectful relationship with your dog.

    This is done by defining, or in many cases, redefining your relationship with your dog. This is the key to increasing the bond with your dog and ensuring a peaceful environment in and out of your home.

    Our program will cover all of the issues you want to address plus all the functional commands:
    Sit • Down • Come • Heel • Stay • Release command • Proper greetings with people • Proper behavior with other dogs • Waiting at the door • Leave it (respect for your food and possessions) • Go on – away from the dinner table! • Impulse control • Perimeter training

    With vast experience training everything from 8 week old puppies to dogs with severe behavioral problems we have dealt with and successfully corrected:
    Aggression • Fearful dogs • Mouthing • Nipping • Barking • Chewing • Destructive behavior • Jumping • Bolting out the door • Hyperactivity • Begging • Dominance issues • Problems with children • Problems with other pets • Possessiveness • Spoiled dogs • Food aggression

    But above all our training program is designed to PREVENT these problems!