• Our Dog Training Methodology

    At a Better Dog Trainer we stress a higher level of training designed to take your dog through the process of understanding and seeing you as an authority figure.

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    Dog Obedience Training

    You and your dog will become familiar with all the most important commands like sit, down, come, heel, stay and more.

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    Puppy Training

    We want to help you raise your puppy into the dog of your dreams and encourage you to have your first lesson with us even before you bring your puppy home.

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    Does your dog have problem behavior?

    At A Better Dog Trainer, we have a defined and successful process for correcting even the most severe problem behaviors.

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    Off-leash Training

    We can help you gain the reliability you want, so both you and your dog can enjoy more freedom.

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    Dog Psychology

    Understanding how your dog thinks is the key to getting the behavior you want.

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  • Relationship-Based Training is Key

    At A Better Dog Trainer we work at a higher level of obedience training than a lot of the “treat training” programs out there today.

    Obviously raising a child is a lot more complicated and important than training your dog, but we do like to draw an analogy between being a good dog owner and a good parent. You don't want to scream and yell at your children but conversely, you aren’t giving them $5 every time you want them to do something. That's why our program is based on your dog’s innate nature to seek leadership and follow rules, building a respectful, loving relationship between all members of your family and your dog. 

    If you follow our program we GUARANTEE RESULTS. We work with you one on one, in the privacy of your own home. All lessons are based on your schedule, not ours.

    We work with all dogs, all ages, all problems. We have proven solutions for the worst problems like aggression, barking, digging, separation anxiety and more. 

  • Our Capabilities

    Dog Obedience Training

    Solving Problem Behaviors

    Puppy Training

    Off-leash Control

    Distance Commands

    Special Preparations for Canine Good Citizen Tests

    Foundation Obedience Training for future training disciplines

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