• Frequently Asked Questions


    Where and when are the lessons held?

    We schedule the lessons on your schedule in your home. We believe the optimal training is done one on one working where the dog lives and with what the dog encounters. This individual customized training program focuses on training your dog, but just as important, training you. Many times I work with owners who say the dog will obey my wife or my husband but not me. And many times people see that I can get the dog to do obey commands in minutes after they have struggled for months, even years. But the goal is not that the dog obeys me. The goal is that the dog obeys you. So we need to take you both through the process in real life situations like your neighborhood or anywhere you plan on taking the dog.

    How long is the training program?

    The training program is 5 months long. Within that time frame you will see a dramatic change in your dog’s obedience and behavior. Many 6 week programs are designed from the optimal business model, so they can start a new program with new clients every 6 weeks. Since we schedule the appointments on your schedule we can easily accommodate this if so desired and do all the lessons in a much shorter time frame. But we know that to achieve the highest level of success, putting a little more time in-between lessons is a good idea. This gives you the flexibility to fit the program into your schedule and also gives you time to work with your dog and make progress, which enables you to take the training to a higher level on follow up lessons. 

    Does everyone in the family need to be there?

    We do not require all family members to participate. While we encourage family members to participate in all the lessons, this is not always possible. We do strongly encourage one person to be at all the lessons for optimal results. But many times one member of the family works with the trainer one on one and then we ensure that other family members get their questions and issues answered as well. This too is another great advantage of scheduling one-on-one lessons- so we can accommodate the entire family’s busy lives.