• Our Dog Training Methodology

  • Relationship-Based Training

    Our method starts with you, your dog and your goals. Every dog is different, every dog owner has different expectations, and every situation is unique. We teach you how to get the dog you want through trust, love and just as importantly, respect!

    At a better dog trainer we emphasize the importance of one on one in home dog training. Half of what we do is train the dog and half of what we do is train the owner. We customize each program to fit you and your dog but we also bring a wealth of knowledge to the program to prevent problems you may not anticipate. We also address potential issues before they become ingrained behaviors and even teach behaviors that most dog owners can’t even imagine.

    Most other training programs are based on using treats to train dogs. We stress a higher level of training designed to take each dog through the process of understanding and seeing you as an authority figure.

    We incorporate defining your relationship with your dog into our training program. Everything we do and how we do it, is related to our goal of working with a dogs natural instinct to fit into a tight social structure.  Just like we teach our children, dogs have to learn to over ride impulses and conform to rules and boundaries.

    It cannot be stressed strongly enough this is never done through pain or fear or intimidation. This too can have adverse effects on your dog’s well-being and his or her behavior.  It is all about respect.

    You are in a constant dialogue with your dog and defining the relationship on a daily basis. We do this with our spouses, our kids and our co-workers. At a better dog training this communication and interaction is the key to developing the relationship all dog owners want and the dog you dream of.

    Trust and respect, in that order, are the cornerstones for our training program. It is important for your dog to trust you, which is why we never use pain or fear in our training. But respect is the integral part of the training that most people need help with and is typically the key to resolving and preventing many behavioral issues. Ultimately your dog must defer to you on how to behave in situations inside, and of course more challenging, outside your house.

    At A Better Dog Trainer, we take you and your dog through that process in a methodical and systematic way to give you the dog you have always wanted.