• Dog Behavior Problems

  • A solution for your dog's problem behavior.

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    At A Better Dog Trainer we break behavior problems into 4 categories.

    1. Puppy problems
    2. Typical behavioral issues for older dogs
    3. Ingrained problematic behaviors
    4. Severe problems like aggression

    Based in a behavior modification, our training program helps you understand, control and correct even the most severe behavioral issues.

    Puppies and behavior Problems

    Bringing home a 8 week old puppy is a little like having a two year old in the house. It is important to prepare for the arrival and to know what to expect. Of course you need to get off on the right foot right away with housebreaking and rule setting. You can also expect common undesirable behaviors like, chewing on your hands and clothes, jumping up on guests, counters and furniture. Just as we would not assume that our two year old would behave in the same manner as our teenager, we can’t have the same expectations for a puppy as we do for a mature adult dog.

    Addressing problem behaviors right from the get-go is important- resolving them and teaching your puppy proper behaviors as soon as possible keep unwanted behaviors from becoming ingrained and potentially dangerous later in the dogs life.

    Just as important! At A Better Dog Trainer, we also incorporate preventing future problems into our puppy training program. Most new puppy owners are concerned with potty training, jumping on the furniture, mouthing our hands and inappropriate chewing. But it is also key to incorporate long term goals early in the training process to prevent behavioral issues that may not even be on your radar at this point. Socializing, impulse control, leadership all play an essential role in preventing problems down the line.

    Typical behavioral issues

    Many dog owners who are looking for a training program have behavioral issues with their dog they would like to address. Typical problems are jumping up on people, chewing on inappropriate things, stealing food ect. Addressing those behaviors with tricks, startling noises, spray bottles or a knee to the dogs chest is not the best approach as it may have adverse effects on your dog. Another common approach, ignoring the behavior in hopes it will extinguish on it’s own, can be woefully ineffective.

    At a better dog trainer we address those behaviors from the first lesson and incorporate the process within the framework of our training program. We integrate the handling of common issues into the process of training a well behaved dog rather than ad hoc solutions. Getting dogs to over ride impulses is a key for successful dog training and fundamental to a happy copasetic life with your dog.

    At a better dog trainer we also teach you how to be a better dog owner by being able to recognize the precursors to more extreme behavioral issues. Left unaddressed, these behaviors can provide stressful, costly and even dangerous situations in the future. Prevention is the key to avoid more severe behavioral problems but if it’s past the point of preventing them we will help you solve them.

    Ingrained Problematic Behavior

    Sometimes common problems like potty training and barking, become extreme ingrained behavior patterns that perpetuate for months and even years.

    Potty training can turn into a urine ridden house, chewing can become destructive behavior and fearful or protective dogs can become aggressive. Addressing these behaviors typically go beyond the scope of most dog owners and many dog trainers. 

    Severe Behavioral Issues

    While the obedience training component is an essential element in solving more severe behavioral problems, some issues require a more in-depth customized behavioral modification program to help dogs and there owners turn around long standing ingrained issues such as aggression, separation anxiety and fearful behavior.

    We need to address the triggers that elicit the behavior and your dog’s reaction to those triggers. Here we incorporate all facets of the training and take it to the next level in a methodical systematic approach to dealing with the most extreme behaviors through leadership, dog psychology and behavior modification.

    • Aggression – is an all too common behavioral problem. It is stressful and lead exasperated owners to consider giving up their dogs. We strive to prevent aggressive behaviors in our training but also specialize in dealing with human aggression, dog aggression and dangerous prey drives. Our goal is to give you control in what can sometimes be a seemingly uncontrollable situation.
    • Separation anxiety – is not only stressful for the dog but also for the owner. Everyone wants to be able to leave your dog at home without worrying about the stress your dog is going through and the associated behaviors that often accompany separation anxiety.
    • Fearful behavior is also a stressor for the owners as well as for the dog. It can also lead to aggression and dangerous situations.  Many times the dog aggression we see is based in fear, stress and anxiety.