• Puppy Training

  • Start your puppy off right with our puppy training program.

    At A Better Dog Trainer we believe that starting your puppy off correctly from day 1 is critically important. We encourage all our clients to have their first lesson as soon as possible, even BEFORE they bring the puppy home, so they are well equipped to care for their puppy and and raise him into the dog of their dreams.

    Raising a puppy is at once a very rewarding experience and a very frustrating one. As your puppy grows and moves through his developmental stages, his new behaviors can be very challenging and down right destructive too. Our program is designed to help you anticipate those stages and work your puppy through them.

    Our Puppy Training Program will cover:

    Safe socialization techniques, Developmental stages and what to anticipate, Potty Training, Crate Training, What equipment you need to bring your puppy home, Mouthing, biting, chewing

    Plus these basic obedience commands:

    Sit, Down, Come, Walking on a leash and heel for older puppies, Stay, Release command, Proper greetings with people, Proper behavior with other dogs, Waiting at the door, Leave it (respect for your food and possessions), Go on – away from the dinner table, Impulse control

    Our Puppy Training Program will prevent the most common dog behavior problems:

    Aggression • Fearful dogs • Mouthing • Nipping • Barking • Chewing • Destructive behavior • Jumping • Bolting out the door • Hyperactivity • Begging • Dominance issues • Problems with children • Problems with other pets • Possessiveness • Spoiled dogs • Food aggression

    Your puppy will become the dog of your dreams!