• Dog Psychology

  • The Key to a Higher Level of Training

    Dog psychology is about understanding how and why dogs think and behave the way they do. We help you apply that knowledge to take your dog through the process of learning to obey commands, adhere to rules on what is proper and improper behavior, and recognize you as the pack leader who makes those decisions.

    You may not realize it but you are in constant communication with your dog and you are defining your relationship on a daily basis. Through our training program we teach you how to mold desirable behaviors, eliminate undesirable ones and establish yourself, and your family members, as respected authority figures. This is not done through pain or intimidation; it is done through dog psychology.

    Just as every parent decides how to set boundaries for their children and teach them right from wrong, every dog owner needs to make theses decisions as well. Our dog psychology-based approach gives you the knowledge, the tools and the process that will help you set these boundaries and create the loving respectful and obedient relationship you want with your dog.

    Dogs will never understand how we think but they certainly react and behave according to what we do. Understanding how they think is the key to getting the behavior you want. We teach this as much for the dog’s sake as we do for yours.