• Hello San Rafael!

  • A Better Dog Trainer is here to help!

  • At A Better Dog Trainer we work at a higher level of obedience training than a lot of the “treat training” programs out there today. We draw a connection between being a good dog trainer and being a good parent. You aren’t screaming and yelling at your children but conversely, you aren’t giving them $5 every time you want them to do something.

    Our program is based on your dog’s innate nature to seek leadership and follow rules, building a respectful, loving relationship between all members of your family and your dog. 

    If you follow our program we GUARANTEE RESULTS. We work with you one on one, in the privacy of your own home. All classes are based on your schedule, not ours.

    We work with all dogs, all ages, all problems. We have proven solutions for the worst problems like aggression, barking, digging, separation anxiety and more. 

  • John & Karen Vinton, Owners/Trainers

    With over a decade in the dog training business, we have seen it all and we have solutions that will help even the worst problem behavior.